My views of the Second Amendment

I am a supporter of the Second Amendment.  The reason why I support the Second Amendment is very simple. I believe that people have a fundamental right to protect themselves not only from people who choose them harm but also if the government moves in a direction that is hostile to the populace.  History has shown that more people are killed by hostile governments than from lone gun men. Our founding fathers knew the danger of hostile government and that is why we have a Second Amendment. Another danger besides natural disasters is the economic situation our country faces.

With uncontrolled debt and no mechanism to counter it, it will be a matter of time before we have another major economic downturn. The only difference is that our Federal Reserve has already done what it could to prevent a downturn. The next time it occurs we will have little to no mechanisms to thwart the downturn. The result will be catastrophic and in line with what Greece is experiencing. The American people have lived for decades with everything at their finger tips and to have it ripped away from them will result in major social and economic unrest that will occur for years to come. Our very survival as a nation will be determined by foreign powers.

I cannot tell you when bad things will occur but I know what will happen to you and your family when the SHTF (shit hits the fan). If you don’t have the protection you need, You and your family will be at the mercy of the hoods and marauders. You will have everything you own taken from you and you will deserve it because you failed to properly prepare for emergency situations. Our government will not be able to help you and you will be on your own. If people are starving you will become the target. Don’t believe me? Look at Ferguson and what happened after Hurricane Katrina.

In the mean time, we have a segment of our society that is determined to remove our rights to bear arms and they make every attempt to undercut our ability to protect ourselves. Radical progressives only care about their silly anti-gun ideology and if that means taking away your protection, they would do it in a heart beat.

The protection of you and your family is paramount and the time to act is now. Not on the day when the bottom falls out. The truth is simple. You wait until the end and your chances of coming out of it decrease. The only true defense is to prepare and learn as much as you can. Knowledge and action is key to surviving any disaster and the sooner you start the better off your family will be.


Musings of a Prepper

Well, first off I live in Southern California and I consider myself to be lucky to live here. At least from a Prepper perspective. It’s warm and you don’t have to worry about  snow or freezing weather. I don’t really remember what started me on prepping but I suspect it had something to do with the financial disaster in 2008.

The economy was in shambles and unemployment soared. I saw inferior leadership with our President and Congress and I knew something wasn’t right.  Call it intuition or just a “feeling” but I firmly believe you need to take a good look at your own self sufficiency if you really want to have chance to live decently when our “Greece” comes. I have been prepping for years. I wish I can say I had a deep stash of food, bulk items and armament like you, but I don’t. Times were tight there for a while but luckily I was able to survive on the preps I had. But I envy you if you had the money and resources to put to your Prepper project together.

I spend most of my time working and then looking for new ideas about prepping. The internet resources are amazing and one thing constantly surprises me. The shear knowledge of people! People are so smart and resourceful! That makes me feel good and gives me hope. Besides that, I have become intrigued by the sheer level of knowledge you need to have to be a good prepper. You never can stop learning self sufficiency.

This blog is just my thoughts on prepping and what I do. A collection of things I learned along the way. If these ideas can help you then your on your way to being secure.