About me

God at work

Now this is the life! I loved this trip! The Grand Canyon was just awesome and was exactly as I remembered it 47 years ago.

Prepper here!  Now your probably wondering who this person is. The simple answer is “nobody.” Now I don’t mean to be funny, but prepper’s don’t like to be “known” unless you’re a prepper yourself and you have the knowledge, skills and locality to be an asset in our group of like-minded individuals.

My hope is to use this blog to help people understand what prepping is, my journey along the way and what I can do to help you survive when the SHTF.

No one, no matter how talented you are can survive a large group of people intent on taking you down and that is why a community of like-minded people are necessary. That is why I have a blog. I want to know these people and meet up so we can group together and ensure our survival.  The other reason is simply to help me make money so I can expand my prepping and survival chances.

That is a worthy goal and I don’t apologize for doing it. A prepper has to use all available resources to become self-sufficient and this is no exception. I hope you enjoy my blog and my journey along the way. By the way, I don’t want to give my exact location but I live somewhere close to the US Border with Mexico.


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